Do you want to change your life

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Have you tried to make major changes in your life…

…which haven’t worked?

Have you ever considered trying smaller habits?

But, first of all you may have to change your mindset… how?

Habits are something that all of us have. We often think of them in a negative way, like gambling, smoking and eating junk food. But many habits can be very good for us and by employing several smaller ones we can gradually start to make the changes that will improve our lives beyond all expectation…

Mini Habits the book that can help you in deep

… and with mini Habits all will become simple, they will be like rituals which have a ridiculously simple purpose. To read two pages of that article daily, for example, or to drink a single glass of water.

Why it does work? While micro-goals may seem meaningless, what makes them so effective is their achievability. To complete them you need very little effort and the chances of giving them up are small. In psychological terms, they have a lot to offer. Every day, the sensation of achieving your tiny target provides a persistent sense of accomplishment which is essential to maintaining a schedule.

The book is designed to discuss and evaluate the idea of modifying temperament by adjusting behavioral habits to gain mental independence from worries and inhibitions, culminating in healthy self-esteem.

This book contains a short series on the relationship between habits and personality, and how to make permanent, positive changes to one’s personality through habit-work.

It will provide the context on behaviors related to this theory and the relationship with attitude.

Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to improve and alter one’s life is by changing habits.

Everything that is good and bad about our lives is attributable to our personalities and who we are as an adult. This is because our temperament dictates who we are, what we have and how people react to us as a consequence.

Your temperament is a patchwork of routines. Most of our life experiences are restricted by our traditions or extended. For starters, if you have a usual pattern for when you wake up, to brush your teeth, have a shower, do some stuff you like to do, and you need the comforts of your own house, then you may be hesitant to travel or not have a good time traveling. There will be an aversion to different environments, so there will be an avoidance of moving or at least a restriction of where you are willing to travel to and expand your experiences and knowledge.

There are traditions to every aspect of our life. Eating, drinking, exercising, linked to fitness, and more importantly, contact, partnerships and ways of working.

An example of a contact pattern that will impact your interactions is if you always cut off others in mid-sentence when you have a discussion, and always disrupt them. Or you might just refute what somebody is saying to prove you know more than they do.

Perhaps you still defend your decisions and actions, and never accept when you’re incorrect. Or, that’s a compulsive lie.

You should talk in such a manner that you never reveal anything about yourself and just ask questions and you believe it makes people feel better about you, but it’s because you don’t want to open up and connect. These are just a few explanations of patterns but as we go through this series you can discover your own. Not all wear is evil. We have a lot of good behaviors, but again, the argument at this level is to determine that our personality is a set of repetitive behaviors, and therefore developed and shaped. Once we see that we’re created freely, then we can alter any behavior.

By contrast, you may have a habit of trying new things, maybe you are traveling to a new country every year so you can experience new foods and cultures. Or you might get used to talking randomly to new people and making new friends.

Our manners determine our life experiences. Habits reinforce prejudices and shortcomings, or they can improve our lives.

Now we come to the point which is how our personalities can be improved. Everyone has some personality flaw that they don’t like which can be self-destructive or restrictive, and they want to change, but don’t know how.

The problem is that a lot of methods deal with the tree’s leaves instead of the roots. When you focus at the character trait and not the technical aspect of how the mind works to maintain it, it’s like burning the leaves to destroy the vine; new leaves can grow back.

My premise is that the personality is a set of behaviors, and we can change the entire personality by modifying any and all habits. The idea is that the temperament is more the leaves than the heart of our being, and the root of the problem is the neurological mechanism of how behaviors are formed and preserved.

Things can change significantly when focusing on the heart, the patterns. The source of our approach is the foundation of how humans work, which is automatic and commonplace, but not yet conscious of this purely mechanical function. You can’t fix a question if you don’t realize it’s wrong, or what the real source is.

Many character traits are simply acquired by observation and imitation through the process of natural human evolution. There’s no bad explanation behind some patterns, they’re only formed because you’re born a certain way, like using your fingers or cutlery while you cook, even the way you carry your cutlery. And, if you’re Malaysian, for starters, you use a fork and a spoon but don’t use a knife.

Using a fork and spoon and not being willing to use a knife is simply not incorrect. This is an indication of a good pattern, and one suitable for modifying. Not all patterns are good or bad, only created to fulfill the function of subconsciousness.

Most of us would change something about our lives if we had the chance and with Mini Habits you can make a start right away. The tips inside this book don’t involve major changes in lifestyle or cost the earth. They are just good, solid advice that anyone can follow.


Chapter 1: Behavioral Psychology
Chapter 2: Mini Habits to Guarantee Improved Life
Chapter 3: How to force yourself to engage in a mini habit every day
Chapter 4: Believe in Yourself-Easy Steps to Transform Yourself
Chapter 5: How to Squeeze in Mini-Workouts During the Day
Chapter 6: Ways to excel in creating good mini habits and explanations on why you fail to break the bad ones.
Chapter 7: How to Transform Unwanted Mini Behaviors
Chapter 8: Creating New and Empowering Mini Habits in 21 Days— Changing That Lifetime
Chapter 9: Definitive Mini Habits for Success
Chapter 10: Your Habits Are Creating Your Future

Inside this book

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MINI HABITS – Change your Life with Smaller and More Effective Habits that Help you Every Day, Without Making you Suffer

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See how small steps are more effective than great leaps
Discover ways to include mini habits for almost anything…
Find mini habits that promote success…
Remove old bad habits

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